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SUMIE     Harumi Tohsei Kobayashi in Tokyo
墨絵 小林東晴ロゴ1

墨絵1 鳳凰 小林東晴

Sumie  - Japanese approach full of quiet, peaceful expression

Traditionally Sumie art has fostered its simple color tones and empty spaceThere are various delicate nuances in the various gradations of Sumi color. Our creativities lead us to find some meanings and feelings in the empty space of Sumie.

We live in busy days, filled with many colors and distractions. Simplicity and emptiness of Sumie give our life the moment we know what is true. Because it has been flowing from the wisdom of Zen spirit.

Unfortunately, we are losing traditional sense of beauty which we inherited from our ancestor since our lifestyle has been changed.I would like to spread Sumie among people loving quiet and peaceful life with beautiful harmony

                        小林 東晴
                  Harumi Tohsei Kobayashi

Sumi-e artist / Executive Sumi-e teacher following Tohun Kobayashi/
・Born and live in Tokyo, Japan 
・Winner of Minister of Foreign affairs Award in 2023

Director of International Association of SUMI (IAOS) from 2018
Director of International Exhibition" Art beyond Boundaries " The National Art Center, Tokyo , from 2019
Judge of International Art Competition and Exhibition in The National Art Center, Tokyo , from 2019
Owner of Atelier Harumi of Sumi-e art (painting, Online lesson and workshop) from 2015
Invited artist at NOHO M55 gallery in NY , 2017 and 2018. 
Director of Salon Blanc art association (Japan and French) from 2017
Graduated from Ochanomizu Women University in Tokyo and Kyoto University of Art and Design

Recent Awards & Exhibition

2013   Awarded by The Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture in All Japan Exhibition
2014   The Grand Prize in All Japan International Exhibition

2015 The Artist Semi-grand prize and The Kodansha prize in the 20th Sogo  
   Suibokuga ten, the biggest competition in Japan

2016 Solo exhibition in Sinonome-an and Group exhibition in Sanbancyo-Club
   in Tokyo

2017  Awarded with the title of "recommended Artist" of Asia Creative Art Exhibitionin
in the National art center, Tokyo , with a fabric-work Sumie
Wedding motif “and “ Peonies in white.
2017 Group exhibition as “invited artist” at NOHO M55 gallery in NY and in NICHIBI exhibition in National art center, Tokyo.
The art Encouragement Prize in Salon Blanc International exhibition of contemporary art

Special Exhibition and workshop as a Judge and instructor of Sumi-e at Sato in Zurich, Switzerland

The Semi-Grand Prize of Artist division in Asia Art Exhibition in the National Art Center, Tokyo.
Awarded by The Ward Mayor of Ota in Salon -Blanc International Exhibition of Contemporary art.
Group exhibition
as invited artist at NOHO M55 gallery in NY and in Kanagawa Suibokuga exhibition in Yokohama art center, Japan.

Organized The Torch of Asia Exhibition 2019 in the National Art Center, Tokyo as a director and Judge.
Received “Arisumi MITAMURA Award” as The Jury’s Special Award and gave speech “Sumi-e Education for children” in The Torch of Asia Exhibition 2019
Exhibition at The Kecskemét Museum in Kecskemét,
V4 Japan Exhibition supported by Japanese Embassy in Warsaw, Poland.

Awarded Special Excellent Award , Art Beyond Boundaries 2020 in the National Art Center, Tokyo as a director and Judge
Awarded by Shinagawa ward mayor at Salon Blanc International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Awarded MORI Museum Award at Sessyu Samit exhibition by Nippon Suibokuga Art Association.
Invited artist at the exhibition in Kiev Ukraine

Invited artist at the eshibition"洛陽中国書法水墨画院軸装展”in the O art Museum in Tokyo
Sumie"Jumping Carp" is collected by the Municipal Museum Named After I.I.Brodsky" in Ukraine

Sumie"Kaguya-Hime" and "Goldfish" are collected by Europian Bugei Socosty "Fu-Ryu-Kan" in Valencia, Spain.
Invited artist at the exhibition in "Kanagawa Suibokuga Exhibition" in Yokohama Art Center, Japan

Organized Art Beyond Boundaries xhibition 2022 in the Nationa Art Center, Tokyo as a director and a primary judge.

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/harumi.tohsei_suibokuga/
FB:  https://www.facebook.com/harumi.nara.5
Blog: http://sumie-life.jugem.jp/
Email: 131313haru@gmail.com

copyright(c) 2014 Tohsei